PTP Training packages are designed from a psychological perspective and differ from other courses on the market in their explanations and solutions. We believe this makes our courses significantly more effective in dealing with long-term responses to issues such as stress management. They can be focused towards your business needs in order to maximise their relevance and applicability.

Bespoke courses
EyeWe live in a world where company and individual needs are constantly adapting, so the people that work within them need also to adapt.

At PTP we offer adaptable, bespoke courses that can be designed quickly and effectively through PTP’s core learning. Our learning comes from the successful clients that have been helped by PTP as well as the unique training that PTP practitioners have under taken.

All PTP courses are developed from the understandings gained through individual therapy, and experience of how people think, feel and behave. This knowledge can be adapted to suit the needs of companies or individuals within those companies.

Though we constantly adapt and develop, we only stay with the boundaries of our knowledge: helping people over emotional and psychological issues as well as finding results and ways forward to improving themselves as a business or individual.

Eye ProjectorBy using PTP to design and deliver your bespoke sessions you will benefit from our unique approach and experience of having worked with both large companies and individuals with multiple problems.

To book any of our courses, please print out our Booking Form and return it to Psych Therapy Practice. The booking form is in PDF format and requires the use of Acrobat Reader. To download Adobe Reader from the Adobe website, please click on the icon below.

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Stress Management Course (1 Day)
Man looking at his watchA one-day course on stress management which stands apart from other ‘stress’ courses because it has been developed by a psychologist who has successfully treated many people suffering from stress. The course builds extensively upon past practices of managing stress, and is designed and developed with strong psychological processes which have proven success in treating both individuals and groups.

The Course
The stress management course will examine what stress really is, who gets stressed and is there a difference between those who do and don’t get stressed. We identify the big stressors and how you can avoid them, as well as the benefits that can be gained from controlling personal stress.

The Difference
This course differs from other stress courses in that it helps you to not only become your own personal therapist but understand how you can uniquely create your own boundary to stress. From this you will learn to minimize stress in your personal life. With this established you can learn how to create an effective working environment and carry what you have learnt into everyday life.

In Summary
The course examines lifestyle, comfort zones, patience and thought patterns. It is specifically designed for the long-term control and management of stress, but does not change basic personality. Instead it enables the individual to develop a methodology of viewing their personal approach to stressful situations. It uses non-aggressive therapy techniques, embedding of ideas and thoughts that require personal effort but which equip people for dealing with future stressful situations.

If you are looking for Stress Audits, please visit our Stress Audits page.

CommunicationEffective Communication Course
An exceptional opportunity to become genuinely effective in business communication, with a specially designed one day course.

The combination of tried and tested techniques and studies have been fused with recent developments and theories that explain the truth behind how we communicate with each other. This course is designed to enable people in companies to improve what they say and how they say it, in meetings, discussions, and instruction taking and giving; and reduce the amount of miscommunication that can occur.

The Approach
The aim of this course is to enhance your ability to communicate effectively. You will learn that there is no single way to approach a conversation, but that each must be taken at face value. Additionally you will develop an understanding of how people misinterpret body language and the consequences of them doing so, as well as how, in some situations, remaining quiet can enhance the focus of your message.

The Skills
You will leave the course with knowledge of how communication helps to improve flow in business as well as an understanding of specialized questioning techniques, and effective forms of communication. You will discover the importance of proactive listening and understand how you can use language to get you message across as well as what to avoid for a fluid conversation.

In Conclusion
This course helps to unravel the complexity of human interaction. Its purpose is to enable companies and individuals to further enhance their internal communication, to save both time and money. You will learn how to get your message across far more easily, how to avoid upsetting people, how to motivate and get the best out people, when and where to say things, how to respond to suggestions and comments and how to hear more than what is being spoken.

PresentationUtter science - Presentation skills Course (2 Days)
A unique two day course which challenges conventional ‘presentation training skills courses’ and the one-size-fits-all approach to public speaking and the voice. By combining psychology techniques and professional voice training, this new course addresses your approach to speaking in public and delivers professional coaching and individual vocal strategies that will enhance your confidence in presenting.

Your Theory and your Practice
The Utter Science course has been developed by a psychologist and a professional voice teacher in response to confusion surrounding courses offered in ‘presentation’ or ‘networking skills’. Unlike courses which suggest the same ‘top tips’ to everyone this course compares you with one person only – you.

The Science Bit
The science that underpins the course, also reminds us that no two people address business speaking in the same way, nor share the same voice.
Uniquely the sessions address underlying issues or attitudes towards speaking in public, and provide you with your own tools and techniques, which affect long term change in all aspects of your life, as well as work.

Expert coaching in the use of your voice following a proven, practical methodology means you gain new skills, and enjoy the expressive personality of your own voice.

A Little Deeper
The sessions are designed as the thoughtful antidote to ‘catch all’ presentation/networking training. The two days equip participants with long term tools and techniques for approaching public speaking and effective, confident communicating – rather than suggesting any ‘quick fix’ approaches that cannot be applied in your work place.

Your Sessions
The sessions are open to anyone who may have difficulty speaking in public/work situations.