Is it time to quit smoking

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source url A study carried out by Cancer Research UK has shown that ex smokers are not just feeling the physical health benefits of quitting but also psychological benefits too.

الراجحي تداول الذهب More than two thirds of the 879 people studied reported feeling happier overall as a result of quitting smoking. Having worked with many people who have wanted to quit smoking and received feedback from them as they continue to remain non-smokers, these results do not surprise me. The people I have worked with often report on how much better they feel in their lives. They no longer feel that sense of control that cigarettes once had over them. Instead they feel in control of their lives and as a result much happier that they are no longer a slave to smoking. The sense of accomplishment is also an important factor - that they have managed to break a habit that is known to be difficult to stop. This once again ties in with the results of the research study as those who had quit for more than a year felt much happier.

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get link So if you want to receive not only the physical health benefits of stopping smoking but also the psychological benefits then why not quit today... 

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